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<a href=”https://plus.google.com/+RobDelisa?rel=author”>Rob Delisa</a> is a teacher / product reviewer, and writer.

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As much as I enjoy driving new cars, I recognize that leasing cars is not for everyone. In the larger scheme of things, the kinds of cars we drive and how we choose to buy or finance them is secondary to what is most important in life. For me, that’s God, faith and family. I am conservative, pro-life and Catholic. I recognize that our time here on earth is precious and fast. I love spending time with my wife and family and helping others make the most of their time here on earth.  I have a variety of other interests as well. My other websites and blogs will give you just a little more insight about me. One other belief I have – we all need to have a few more laughs. I believe in respecting and loving one another without ever taking ourselves too seriously. Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. I have a Cadillac XT5 that ends 11/1. All dealers are saying they have no vehicles or lease programs better than $500/mo and $2000 down. What’s best, find another lease program if any are recommended on luxury SUVs, sell to Carvana, turn it in, buy and keep until supply chain opens up? Any good luxury programs you’ve come across for SUV or crossovers?

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