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Car Lease Deals for November 2021

Ranked According to LVR – (How Much Car for your Money?)

Car Lease Deals
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The best car lease deal this month is still the 2021, Chevrolet Camaro, LT1 V8 Coupe, now for seven months in a row! The Camaro represents a value that just cannot be beat and rates as an excellent deal on my free lease evaluator tool. Now, you can lease this beautiful sports car for just $311 month after consideration of money down, cap reductions, downpayment, etc.  Lease values, overall, have continued to slump. For November, there are 20 cars with LVR’s at or below 1.00% and 44 cars with LVRs that are below 1.10%. This is a slight improvement over the last published deals. Things should get better for the holidays and new year!

Why do Electric Cars Lease so Well?

The Chevrolet Bolt has quite an amazing lease deal on it. It is a cute little car and all-electric, but is it really worth $36,000? However, there is a reason these EV cars lease so well. See the Car Lease Ratings Guide for more information or the frontpage: Guide to Lease Cars

  • One: electric cars usually include state and federal rebates which are figured into your Average Car Payment.
    • Two: Electric Cars have inflated MSRPs. This means they do not always accurately reflect the true value of the car. So, it is a subjective opinion that an electric car really offers the same value as other similarly priced cars. You are going to certainly save some money on fuel costs,  but you are going to have a higher payment for a non-electric car that does the same thing. So, is the 2019 Toyota Mirai really worth $60,000? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. 

Based on National Leasing Offers around the U.S

The car lease ratings for 2020 featured on this website are based on the advertised sales offers being offered in California, New York, or Nationally. Local market conditions might affect the kind of lease deal you can get in your own, hometown. These car lease deals should help serve as a starting point in negotiating the best deal you can at the car lot. A handful of cars are chosen each moneth. Go to the manufacturer’s website if you don’t see the car you’re interested in.  Also, you can use my handy, free car leasing calculator to help you determine if the advertised rate is a good deal. But, please visit my ratings formula page to get a better understanding of how these car lease deals are rated. Visit here: LVR: Lease Value Ratio. 

Low-payment, car lease deals are nearly always based on subvented financing. Subvented leasing is incentives in the form of rebates, discounts, etc.. So, they are passed on from the Car Maker to the Dealer, to the lessee. Average Car Payment is the effective monthly payment after any and all capitalized cost reductions are factored in. The payments above are based on 0 down-payment. Make a down payment if you want to lower your payment even more. But, I don’t recommend this because it doesn’t actually lower your effective interest rate or money factor. It pays to know some of the leasing terms, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. How you lease a car matters

Best Car Lease Deals 2020

Remember to use the search bar on top of the lease listings to get an instant listing of the car you’re considering.  Go here if you’d like to see the cheapest cars to lease right now. The best lease deals of 2020 are always only a click away. Use the free, Car Lease Tools. 

In conclusion, these 346 best Lease deals are the result of my own research from the car manufacturer’s websites along with some help from from the listings by CarsDirect. Also, I use and highly recommend LeasHackr

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