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How to use the Basic Car Lease Evaluator:

The basic car lease evaluator comes with data already entered just to serve as an example. To evaluate your own lease, you will only need to enter amounts into four of the fields:  MSRP, Monthly Payment, Lease Term, and Down Payment. The lease calculator will automatically fill-in the rest of the fields; Average Car Payment, Lease Value Ratio, and your Lease Evaluation. The lease evaluation, which is on the bottom of the form, is based on the Lease Value Ratio. The lower the number the better. Generally, any lease at or below an LVR of 1.0% is considered excellent. Anything above 1.25 is poor. The basic lease evaluator will make it easy for you to determine what your desired payment should be to get a good lease deal on the car based on its MSRP.

The Rate My Lease Advanced car lease calculator will allow you to enter in your actual lease details including the residual value and interest rate. To get started simply enter your amounts. Scroll below the form for complete instructions.

How to use the Advanced Car Lease Calculator

Advanced Car Lease EvaluiatorThe advanced car lease evaluator takes things a couple of steps over the basic version. In addition to the evaluation tool, the advanced car lease calculator makes it possible to determine your lease payment based on the actual Car Leasing Terms: You will need to know and enter your Interest rate (money factor), Residual Value, Down Payment (Cap Reduction), and Terms Duration.

The highlighted links will help you understand the meaning of the lease jargon. Dealers do not usually disclose this information during your lease negotiation, but they are required by law to provide it at your request. One important consideration to remember is that if you change your lease term, the residual value must also change since residual values are determined by the depreciation amount of years gone by.

Lease Evaluation Ratings

The Lease Evaluation, which is based on LVR, has several different ratings. The most common are Poor, Average, Good, Very Good, and Excellent.

There are a few more ratings, but you may have to enter some very unusual figures to see them all. Have fun using these free tools. I hope you find them useful.

The Basic car lease evaluator is the fastest and easiest way to find out what kind of deal you are getting on a car lease. To get started simply enter your amounts. Scroll below the form for complete instructions.

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