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2 thoughts on “Basic Lease Evaluator”

  1. MSRP is 36,285 and the adjusted Cap Cost is 28,759 is this the number we enter in the MSRP box above? Or do we enter the Adjusted Cap Cost? Can you evaluate this lease deal? On a (remaining) 2019 Honda Ridgeline Sport AWD Thank you in advance.
    MSRP $36,285
    Discount $8,121
    Selling Price $28,164
    36 month 12k lease = $312 per month
    Residual Value = $22,194.85
    Adjusted Cap Cost = $28,759
    Due at lease signing =$526.49 (1st month’s payment and $199 dealer doc.
    *payment quotes include 7% Indiana Sales Tax.

    • Hi, Jorge:

      Yes, $36,285 (MSRP) is the number you enter. This basically tells you how much value you are getting for your monthly payment based on how expensive the car is. $312 per month with little down is an excellent deal. Your LVR is around .85% and anything below 1% is excellent. Can’t go wrong with this!


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