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10 thoughts on “Basic Lease Evaluator”

  1. MSRP is 36,285 and the adjusted Cap Cost is 28,759 is this the number we enter in the MSRP box above? Or do we enter the Adjusted Cap Cost? Can you evaluate this lease deal? On a (remaining) 2019 Honda Ridgeline Sport AWD Thank you in advance.
    MSRP $36,285
    Discount $8,121
    Selling Price $28,164
    36 month 12k lease = $312 per month
    Residual Value = $22,194.85
    Adjusted Cap Cost = $28,759
    Due at lease signing =$526.49 (1st month’s payment and $199 dealer doc.
    *payment quotes include 7% Indiana Sales Tax.

    • Hi, Jorge:

      Yes, $36,285 (MSRP) is the number you enter. This basically tells you how much value you are getting for your monthly payment based on how expensive the car is. $312 per month with little down is an excellent deal. Your LVR is around .85% and anything below 1% is excellent. Can’t go wrong with this!

  2. was looking at Toyota Camry XSE V4 MSRP 32000, with 750 rebate. I am leasing for 3 for 3 years, 12k- with 1000 down. Dealer final price was $377. is that a good offer ?

    What is an ideal lease price range for car that i can negotiate?

  3. Hi
    I’m looking at a 2020 Honda CR-V LX AWD
    MSRP $33 405 with 750 rebate
    Lease is for 54 months
    0 down
    404 per month taxes included

    Is it a good deal

    • 1.20% LVR is not so good. Also, 54 months is a long time for a lease. You will likely need new tires and maybe brakes by then. I think you can do much better.
      $33,405 seems like a high MSRP for a CR_V LX. Are you sure that is right?

  4. MSRP of $41
    Total price with one package is 43450
    They are asking us to pay $4500
    For a 42 month lease cap mileage at 10k
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
    Destination fee of 1495. Total price is $43450
    Our first lease. Love your site. Very informative
    NY area
    The $4500 was taxes and fees

    • Hi, Jennifer. Sorry for the delayed response. I did a quick calculation of your numbers and this is only an average deal. Unfortunately, based on the advertised lease specials that is about the going rate for Jeep Cherokee right now. Still, you can always ask for a better deal.
      For a $41,000 MSRP car, your goal should be a monthly payment of around $410.00 with nothing down.

      You can see evaluate your own lease deal here: Car Lease Calculator

  5. Looking at Audi E-Tron. MSRP with discount is $66,243.75 and tax credit rebate is $7500 which is being credited. $978.49 is the lease payment for 36 months at 12k/year including tax.
    Acquisition fee: 895
    Advanced payments: 978.49
    Upfront charges: 1056.49
    Total Cap Reduction: 5465.02
    RV: $37,989.60
    This is our first time possibly leasing. 0% financing also being offered for 72 months on a purchase – AZ. Any comments appreciated.

    • To get a true value on the lease, I need to know what the MSRP is before any discounts. The whole idea is that the discounts is what figures into your bang-for-buck monthly lease payment.
      Assuming it’s around $75,000 MSRP, you should pay no more than $750.00 a month and that is with absolutely no cap reduction or down payment.

      This sounds pretty expensive to me.


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