Dealer Invoice

Dealer InvoiceHave you ever imagined that if only you knew the dealer invoice of the car the sales rep was trying to sell you, you could get the best car lease deal possible? Well, you can! The dealer invoice is public information that is available to all of us. We only have to ask for that information. Or, you can look up dealer invoice costs online. Buying cars isn’t like walking into your favorite department store where you wouldn’t even think of asking the sales rep behind the electronics counter how much his store paid for that new, Canon SLR Camera. Chances are the sales rep wouldn’t know and even if he did, he is not obligated to tell you. This is not the case with cars. Dealer Invoice prices are the same for every car dealer from one part of the country, to the next. Delivery, handling charges and taxes may make a slight difference from state to state, but not enough to significantly affect your average car payment. The dealer invoice is simply the price the car dealer paid to get the car they are trying to sell to you. One of the ways a dealer can make profit in selling a car is based on the difference between the MSRP and dealer invoice cost of the car. Financing, incentives and manufacturer rebates represent some of the other strategies a car dealer can use to make a profit. For this reason, it is possible to buy or lease a car below dealer invoice cost.

How Do You Determine The Dealer Invoice?

The obvious, but not so obvious way to some of us might be to simply ask the dealer for that information.  He will gladly you tell you what the dealer cost is for the car you are interested in. All you have to do is ask. This is also a good way to let the dealer know that you are a savvy car lessee or buyer and want to make the best deal for yourself. As an added perk, you’ve just let the car dealer know that he he will have to work hard to get your business. You can also find out the Dealer Invoice of any car before you set foot in any car dealership by simply visiting a car review or ratings website like, Consumer Auto Guide.

Is Dealer Invoice Negotiable?

Neither you, nor the dealer can negotiate the cost of the vehicle they are trying to sell you. This is why dealer invoice cost is not a secret among dealerships. They all paid the manufacturer roughly the same price to acquire the car they are selling at their stores. Like all of the other components of a car lease, knowledge of the dealer invoice is one of the many informative weapons you have in negotiating the best lease payment on your new car. If there is one piece of information you never have to be without, it’s the dealer invoice.

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