Cheapest SUV to Lease

Cheapest Deals on SUVs and Crossovers

Cheapest SUV to Lease
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The Cheapest SUV to lease and Crossovers are in the same category, here. The Chevrolet Trax leases for $221.00 after paying $1,229.00 in Cap Reductions. A Cap Reduction is simply a downpayment in Car Leasing Terms. It is important to note that you may find better deals in your local region/s. Dealers across the nation may be offering their own special discounts and/or holiday deals which could vary across the nation. Right now, these SUV Leases represent the Top-10 Cheapest SUV Lease deals of the 346 Car Lease Deals published in each month. Scroll to the bottom of the page to right to the list.

Top-10 SUV/Crossover Lease Deals Regardless of LVR (Lease Value Ratio)

Scroll down to get right to the Top-10 ListThese are the top ten cheapest SUVs or cheapest crossovers to lease regardless of MSRP, MODEL, or LVR (Lease Value Ratio) The cheapest lease payment does not always represent the best lease value. Always look at the LVR to see how well your lease rates or use the Lease Calculator to get a quick estimate of the bang-for-buck value of your car lease. Additionally, these top-10 cheap car lease deals are extracted from the monthly Car Lease Deals list and sorted by average car payment which is what you could expect your monthly payment to be with no money down. With SUVs and Crossovers, be careful about what’s included because not all SUVs or Crossovers come with AWD. So, many of them are FWD only. On average an AWD transmission is $2,000-$3,000 more which affects the lease payment by about $20.00. In conclusion, always know what you’re getting.

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Electric or Hybrid SUVs can sometimes lease really well due to the fuel rebates associated with them. This varies by state. Electric cars cost thousands dollars more because of the cost of the battery and technology required. For that reason, is not always easy to make a fair apples-to-apples comparison with non-hybrid/electric SUVs.